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As a teacher I believe in facilitating students to think for themselves. I encourage them to be bold and take risks in their research and design work – the university…
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I have always been interested in the theory and history of architecture and the built environment, particularly since my research became more focussed on the urban. I am fascinated by…
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During the first coronavirus lockdown in the Netherlands in 2018, I learned how to watercolour from watching YouTube tutorials. My interest is, as it always has been, cities and buildings.…
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Author and Illustrator

As an architectural student I started keeping logbooks. These were a kind of developed sketchbook which included design ideas and my research notes. I developed them into a series of architectural city guides in the 1990s simply because I couldn’t find books like this in the cities I visited. Each book takes you on a tour of a given city, highlighting the main sights and giving the history of the buildings and places, as well as the people who built them. Full of useful visitor information, they also contain anecdotes about the places. All maps and drawings are hand drawn by me. Dublin Strolls was a bestseller when it came out in 2016. I’ve also written a number of novels, including the bestseller Unusual Wealth.

Walking tours

  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Bangkok
  • Hongkong (Including Macau)
  • Shanghai
  • Longdon
  • Paris
  • Ahmedabad

Strolls series

  • Dublin
  • Cork

Other guides

  • Angkor

Other books

  • Colour Dublin
  • Tincture of Malice
  • Unusual Wealth
  • A Dangerous Calling